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Celebritize Yourself!

Savvy business people are looking for unique and cost effective ways of increasing not only their business’s profile, but their own profile as well. While some turn to advertising, more and more people are reaping the benefits of The Marsha Friedman Celebritize Yourself Method™.

As the CEO of the national public relations and advertising firm EMS Incorporated, Marsha has 22 years of experience in helping her clients to "Celebritize" themselves by harnessing the power of the media. Whether it is talk radio, television, newspapers, magazines or online…Marsha knows how to get the attention of even the most inundated producer or journalist.

Start "Celebritizing Yourself" today! 
Order today and your copy will be personally signed by author, Marsha Friedman!
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Order today and unlock the potential of your business using the proven Marsha Friedman Celebritize Yourself Method™

Al Ries, author of many of the most seminal marketing texts of our time (and author of the new book War in the Boardroom) has said:

"We live in a celebrity world. To take full advantage of what that world has to offer, read Marsha Friedman’s astute analysis of how to turn yourself into a celebrity. It’s a sure-fire formula for success."

Al Ries

"Celebritize Yourself is a must read book for anyone who wants to get ahead of the pack in their profession, industry or career." 

Dr. Earl Mindell, Best Selling Author of Vitamin Bible, Herb Bible and Prescription Alternatives

 "WARNING : USE OF THIS BOOK MAY LEAD TO FAME AND FORTUNE!  This is not a stodgy, pie-in-the-sky, hard to read business book.  Marsha Friedman has done something wonderful. Unique. She’s delivered a business book elegant in its simplicity, that’s full of real-life inspirational examples, yet … easy to read and understand. But more importantly, that anyone – in any business – can use as a roadmap to share one’s life experience with others who may be seeking the wisdom you have gained.  

Steve Kayser, Editor of the award-winning Expert Access E-zine.

 "In today’s Internet era, even though there are more media opportunities than ever before, it has become more challenging to get the attention. Anyone who wants to succeed by achieving prominent awareness must have a smart and practical plan.  Marsha Friedman’s "Celebritize Yourself" is your very own personal step-by-step strategic guide to capture the celebrity status you desire and deserve ... starting with, "it's okay for me to promote myself because I am special!" 

David Henderson, Communications Strategist and author of The Media Savvy Leader

"Marsha Friedman speaks from experience on every page.  She has created a three step formula that will catapult you to success:  Come up with a brilliant idea that people can really use, write a 'how to' book, and create lots of buzz through media appearances.  I've used her system, and it works!"

Mark Skousen, Best Selling Author and Editor, Forecasts & Strategies

Still want to learn more about what "Celebritize Yourself" is?

In Marsha’s own words….

Marsha Friedman, author of Celebritize YourselfCelebritizing Yourself is about branding yourself as an expert. Yes, to become a celebrity is no easy feat, but in today’s world, it is easier than ever.  Thanks to the popularity of talk show formats on radio and major network TV, the highly specialized programming on Cable TV, the explosion of internet shows and online PR and marketing, the countless newsletters and industry conventions and about a bazillion speaking groups all seeking a strong, interesting topic for their next seminar, keynote, or sponsorship, there are more ways to become a celebrity than there are, well, celebrities!

Anyone – in any business – can become a celebrity following my proven 3-Step Method.  Anyone from the homeless to the candy shop clerk to the housewife to the professor to the entrepreneur to the CEO can become a celebrity – they already have! To celebritize oneself is not merely to gain fame or fortune.  It’s to share one’s life experiences with other who may be in search of, and in need of, your wisdom.  That’s the guiding philosophy for becoming a celebrity. 

 The satisfaction is its own reward.

Start "Celebritizing Yourself" today! 
Order today and your copy will be personally signed by author, Marsha Friedman!
Acceptance Mark
Order today and unlock the potential of your business using the proven Marsha Friedman Celebritize Yourself Method™
Order Celebritize Yourself today and your copy will be personally signed by author, Marsha Friedman!
Acceptance Mark
TJ Walker, a bestselling author & leading authority on media & presentation training in the world, has trained thousands of CEOs, authors, & experts, including United States government officials. Watch Walker's video endorsement of Celebritize Yourself:
Celebritze Yourself by EMSI CEO Marsha Friedman"Celebritize Yourself should be required reading for any professional who wants to stand out in a crowded marketplace. The truth is; celebrity isn’t only for celebrities anymore. We have celebrity political pundits, cooks, lawyers, financial experts, fitness gurus, even celebrity bail bondsmen! This is a must read for any professional who want to take full advantage of this new media age – and the New Age of Celebrity we live in!"
Lee Habeeb, Co-Creator of The Laura Ingraham Show and Strategic Content Director of Salem Radio Network
"We live in an amazing new age of multidimensional communications offering the outgoing speaker unlimited opportunities to promote themselves,their businesses and their products. Marsha Friedman is a recognized master of modern media marketing who holds the key to these principles. Her marvelous book provides a concise and accurate roadmap for ambitious entrepreneurs to arrive at levels of fame and fortune previously only accessible to a relatively lucky few."
Michael Harrison, Editor and Publisher, Talkers Magazine
"Marsha Friedman knows more about how to "Celebritize" a writer or expert than anyone I have met. Now she has agreed to provide an easy to follow program that has a guaranteed result factor for the reader who follows her advice. More than worth the price and the effort!"
Suzanne Caplan, Business Turnaround Consultant & Author
"This book is a must read for anyone who wants to brand them self and who understands the value of having their own book as a vehicle to do so!"
Ellen Reid, Founder of Ellen Reid’s Book Shepherding "In the current financial market Marsha Friedman’s "Celebritize Yourself" is a perfectly timed new bible for any Executive or Entrepreneur looking to grow their business. A rush to read!
Berny Dohrmann, author of "Super Achiever Mind Sets & Perfection CAN Be Had" "The notion of publicity and being a celebrity in your industry is a mystery to the average CEO. Marsha demystifies the concept, clearly shows the value of achieving this, as well as the strategies necessary to make it happen. Her advice is intended to get you through the long haul ---not the first ‘15 minutes.’ This will be required reading for all my clients and is a must read for any entrepreneur."
Maria Simone, Leading Business Strategist for Entrepreneurs and CEO of "Passion To Prosperity"
"Marsha Friedman’s "Celebritize Yourself" has taken the mystery and confusion out of the PR game! What a brilliant read!"
Joy Gendusa, author and CEO, Postcardmania "Marsha Friedman’s method for building your visibility and exploding your business is a proven formula for success. Over the years, her company, EMSI, has applied these principles to me and my business and have made me a firm believer in her "Celebritize Yourself" Method"."
Dr. Arnold Goldstein, Ph.D. Bestselling author of Asset Protection Secrets "Celebritize Yourself is an important read for anyone who wants to take their career to the next level. This method contains the ultimate blueprint for business and personal expansion!"
Jill Lublin, author of national bestselling books,
Networking Magic and Guerrilla Publicity